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3 Responses to “About”

  1. Chris Stedman Says:

    Dear Anna,

    1. The link to Chapter 10 at the end of the Chapter 9 page of your English translation of Amaral’s book doesn’t work and takes one to a different page entirely.

    2. I have put a link to the Amaral book from my Links page on http://www.BlotterPress.com. Please let me know if this is not acceptable.

    3. I am converting your translation to Mobi format for my Kindle for my personal use – would you like to have a copy – then you can send it directly to other peoples’ Kindles by email?

    Chris Stedman.

    • annaesse Says:

      Thanks Chris. I’ll have a look at that link. No probs with your posting the link. In fact, thanks for doing that. I haven’t a clue what Mobi format is!

      Best regards,


  2. Vinnie Says:

    Anna, I’ve ended up here whilst trying to contact you regarding “Pitchforker”. I started off on another blog, ‘JohnJames’ who was writing about the McCanns and the tragedy of Madeleine.
    Anyway, “Pitchforker” intrigued me. I immediately saw it as a derogatory term and your interpretation (unless laced with sarcasm) was purely suggestive of a simple way of life. My immediate thought was of someone using a pitchfork to search for anyone concealing themselves amongst the hay in a hayloft. A nasty, but possibly successful, method of locating someone in hiding. I’m sure you get the idea and apologies if you were aware of this other interpretation. Finally, your writing seems very good indeed and there can NEVER be too many decent people out there trying to hold wrongdoers to account wherever they may be.
    More power to your pen!! (keyboard)
    Kind regards,

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